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Organized by:
JINR (Dubna), RIKEN (Wako), GSI (Darmstadt), GANIL (Caen)

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   Map of the St.-Petersburg's Suburbs

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Dear colleagues,

All information concerning arrivals and departures (dates and numbers of flight) should be sent to Sergei Lukianov


He is in charge of picking up people upon arrival in the St.Petersburg airport and railway station and arranging their departures after the Symposium.
The Organizing Committee


Dear participants,

We have just finished registration of the EXON-2004 participants.

However, due to a large number of those wishing to participate in the Symposium and due to a time-consuming procedure of visa formalities at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (about a month and a half), the Organizing Committee will regard your registration as final if you not only register yourself at our site, but also submit your personal data for obtaining your visa by May 15, 2004. In fact, submitting your personal data will be re-confirmation of your participation.

In case you fail to submit your personal data by 15 May, we will regard it as a cancellation of your participation in the Symposium.

Those participants who already sent us their personal data do not need to re-send them once again. Their registration is considered as final.

Also please note that those participants who already have their Russian visas are requested to re-confirm their plans to attend the Sumposium.

We received requests from some participants to send them letters of invitation so that they could start formalities at their home institutes. Those who need such letters are welcome to address the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee continues work at the Scientific Programme of the Symposium.

Since there are very many submitted talks, we had to introduce some changes into the schedule of key events of the Symposium (see below).

The Organizing Committee




4 July - evening

welcome reception after the registration of participants†

Sanatorium Peterhof

5 July - morning

opening of the Symposium

Sanatorium Peterhof

6 July - evening


Sanatorium Peterhof

7 July

poster session (after the morning session at 17:00)

Sanatorium Peterhof

8 July - Śvening

all participants move on board a ship which starts at 21:00 from the seaport of St.Petersburg

Sanatorium Peterhof

9 July

Excursion to Valaam Island

On board a ship

10 July -morning

arrival in the seaport of St.Petersburg, trip to Strelína

Sanatorium Strelína

10 July

Working day

Sanatorium Strelína

11 July

1) morning session, closing (round table) session
2) excursion to the Hermitage (after the morning session)

Sanatorium Strelína

12 July -morning


Sanatorium Strelína



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