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Organized by:
JINR (Dubna), RIKEN (Wako), GSI (Darmstadt), GANIL (Caen)

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International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei “EXON - 2004”
Peterhof, Lakes Onega and Ladoga, 5-12 July 2004

Organized by:

JINR (Dubna), GSI (Darmstadt), RIKEN (Wako-shi), GANIL (Caen)

The International Symposium on Exotic nuclei EXON-2004 will be held during 5-12 July, 2004 in the town of Peterhof near St.Petersburg (the postal address – 198903 Peterhof, Avrova str., 2, Russia). The Scientific Programme of the Symposium is now being compiled on the basis of the received Abstracts. It will include oral talks and a poster session. The list of registered participants (speakers) is available at the site of the Symposium. If you have any questions concerning the Scientific Programme please address them to the Organizing Committee. The Scientific programme will be finally completed by 30 April after which all the speakers will receive personal invitations.

Official letters of invitation will be sent to the participants of the Symposium as well as to their accompanying persons after submitting to the Organizing Committee their personal data. You can use our Visa Registration form which is available at the site of the Symposium. Those participants who need additional time before or after the Symposium for sightseeing must inform the Organizing Committee so that we could book hotel for the required period of time. Please contact Tatyana Donskova on all the questions connected with visa obtaining (tatyana.donskova@jinr.ru).

The Organizing Committee arranges delivery of participants from the railway station in St.Petersburg and International Airport Pulkovo to the venue of the Symposium in Peterhof. Please inform the Organizing Committee well beforehand on the date of your arrival/departure and number of flights. On 12 July (end of Symposium) participants will be delivered back to the airport and railway station.

The Organizing Committee will publish a Book of Abstracts. Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts expired on 20 March. We will also publish a Book of Proceedings shortly after the Symposium, it is essential that all the participants should submit their manuscripts during the Symposium’s work. See the site of the World Scientific Publishing Company for Proceedings Style Files (http://www.wspc.com ) .

The registration fee for the participants of the Symposium is 700 ˆ. The sum includes payments for the accommodation at the sanatorium in Peterhof and on board the ship (from 4 to 12 July), as well as all meals, delivery from the railway station or airport to Peterhof and back, the Book of Proceedings, excursion to the Hermitage, welcome reception and banquet. The registration fee for the accompanying persons is 500 ˆ. The registration fee is accepted in cash (ˆ) at the registration desk.


  • Evening of 4 July – welcome reception after the registration of participants
  • Morning of 5 July – opening of the Symposium
  • Evening of 5 July – poster session (after dinner)
  • On 6 July after lunch – excursion to the Hermitage
  • Evening of 7 July – banquet
  • A special programme for the accompanying persons in Peterhof
  • Evening of 8 July – all move to the cruise ship which starts at 20:00 from the seaport of St.Petersburg
  • On 9-11 July the Symposium will continue its work on board the ship. On-the-way excursions to old Russian monasteries in Kizhi, Valaam and the village of Mandrogi.
  • 12 July, 8 o’clock in the morning – arrival in the seaport of St.Petesburg; departure of the participants

Late June – early July is the time of famous white nights in St.Petersburg. The weather at that time of the year in the area is similar to climatic conditions in the North of Europe. It is reasonable to have some warm clothes for the second part of the Symposium when the Symposium will move on board the cruise ship. The current weather in St.Petersburg and in the region of Lakes Ladoga and Onega is available at:
St. Petersburg: http://uk.weather.yahoo.com/RSXX/RSXX0091/index_c.html
Petrozavodsk: http://uk.weather.yahoo.com/RSXX/RSXX0212/index_c.html


Local Organizing Committee:

Yu. Oganessian ( JINR)
G. Muenzenberg (GSI)
T. Motobayashi (RIKEN)
D. Goutte (GANIL)

Yu. Penionzhkevich (Vice-chairman)
E. Cherepanov (Scientific secretary)
S. Dmitriev
T. Donskova

K. Gridnev
S. Lukyanov
O. Semchenkova

For communication please contact:
E-mail: exon2004@jinr.ru

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