The traditional VI International Symposium on EXOtic Nuclei (EXON 2012) is scheduled for 1 - 6 October 2012. The organizers of the Symposium are FLNR JINR (Dubna), GANIL (Caen), RIKEN (Wako-shi), GSI (Darmstadt) and NSCL (Michigan) - the scientific centers, where exotics nuclei are intensively studied.

The Symposium will be held in the ultramodern campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia). The new campus will be launched during APEC Summit and is bound to become the venue of collaboration and mutual attraction for talented youth and scholars of the Pacific Rim. This campus is located on legendary Russky Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Peter the Great Bay. This place is widely known for its beautiful surroundings, picturesque landscapes, splendid vistas, located on the west coast of the Pacifique Ocean. Outskirts the city has unique temperate climate.

We hope that taking place in such an exotic region the Symposium will contribute to the success of productive work on exotic nuclei and will promote the collaboration of physicists from different countries.


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