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Symposium programme (Time Table) 

   Scientific Programme (preliminary)

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July 17 Monday
10:00-10:30 OPENING Welcoming Speech
10:30- 11:00 Reutov Yuri (Khanty-Mansijsk, Russia) "Science& Education in Khanty-Mansijsk"
Coffee Break
11:30-12:05 Corradi Lorenzo (Legnaro, Italy) "Aspects of low energy binary reactions"
12:05-12:40 Zagrebaev Valeri (Dubna, Russia) "Sub-barrier fusion of weakly bound nuclei"
12:40-13:05 Lee Hiu Ching (Michigan, USA) "Neutron spectroscopic factors from transfer reactions"
13:05-13-30 Kniajeva Galina (Dubna, Russia) "40,48Ca+144,154Sm: influence of deformation and shell"
15:00-15:35 Kalpakchieva Rumiana (Dubna, Russia) "The interaction of 6He with 197Au and 206Pb"
15:35-16:10 Caamano Manuel(Santiago de Compostela, Spain) "Production of neutron-rich isotopes near N=126 in cold-fragmentation reactions induced by relativistic 208Pb projectiles"
16:10-16:45 Golovkov Mikhail(Dubna, Russia) "First results of the 8He+d experiment"
Coffee Break
17:15-17:40 Lashko Yuliya (Kiev, Ukraine) "Cluster structure of bound states and resonances of light neutron-rich nuclei: coupled-channel approach"
17:40-18:05 Borzov Ivan (Obninsk, Russia) "Beta-decay of very neutron-rich nuclei near exotic shell-closures"
18:05-18:30 Kartavenko Vladimir (Dubna, Russia) "On stability of the neutron rich light nuclei"
18:30-18:55 Lukyanov Konstantin (Dubna, Russia) "Microscopical model analysis of the 4,6He, 6,7Li+28Si total reaction cross sections at the energy range 5-50, A MeV"
18:55-19:20 Sharma Ajay(Shimla, India) "Binding energy and mass defect in deuteron"
Welcome Reception

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