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JINR (Dubna), RIKEN (Wako), GSI (Darmstadt), GANIL (Caen)

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Dear Participants of EXON2006!

We are going to publish the Book of Proceedings of the EXON-2006 Symposium with World Scientific Publishing House. For more information about the style files for LaTex and MS Word, please visit the following website:
The trim Size of the Book will be 9.00"x6.00". As was announcement at the Symposium, the requirements are as follows: Oral presentations - 12 pages Poster presentations - 6 pages. The deadline for the submission of contributions is 1 October, 2006. Please send them in LaTex and MS Word, so that we could edit them if necessary. Please send your contributions as soon as possible, it will allow us to publish the Book in due time.




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